Using the QGIS ApplicationΒΆ

There are several different ways to create and read a GeoPackage. Most of the implementing software products have their own unique way of supporting the handling of a GeoPackage. In this chapter we will show how a GeoPackage can be read using the free and open source QGIS application that can be found at

In QGIS, open the states10.gpkg file, through the vector file loader button.


Once QGIS has loaded the GeoPackage, it will display US state boundaries. As a GeoPackage reader, QGIS is able to read the geometries, spatial reference system and other geospatial content.


Now we will have a look at the feature properties. Right click on the layer name (which is displayed as statesQGIS) and select Open Attribute Table from the pop-up menu.


The properties of all features in the statesGIS dataset are displayed in an attribute table. The data can now be queried and modified like any other feature dataset in a desktop GIS.