Area Query Resources of OGC API - EDRΒΆ

An area is a region specified with a geographic envelope that may have vertical dimension. An illustration, created using NASA WorldWind, is shown below.


The area query resource returns data for the defined area. The resource offers a convenience mechanism for querying the API by area, using a Well Known Text (WKT) POLYGON geometry.

The path to the resource is shown below:


The paths accepts the following parameters:

  • coords

  • z

  • parameter-name

  • datetime

  • crs

  • f

An example request is shown below.,-0.909119%2051.815488,0.552063%2051.818884,0.560303%2051.191414,-0.898132%2051.179362))&parameter-name=Pressure_height_above_ground&datetime=2022-01-19T06:00Z/2022-01-19T12:00Z&z=80/80&crs=CRS84&f=CoverageJSON