WaterML2 Part 3: Surface Hydrology Features (HY_Features)

David L. Blodgett

A conceptual feature model for surface hydrology.

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What is HY_Features?


HY_Features is a conceptual model describing hydrology features and their relationships

  • The model describes hydrology specific feature types, e.g. catchments, drainage networks, rivers, lakes and waterbodies.
  • Defined in the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • All features specialize the General Feature of the ISO / OGC General Feature Model.
  • Most features “specialize” a general HY_HydroFeature providing multilingual naming.
  • HY_Features models hydrologic units and surface waterbodies.
  • Focus is on surface water features and the networks they form.

What is HY_Features for?

HY_Features provides a common conceptual basis for identification of hydrologic features.

This should help provide:

  1. shared feature types defined for use in the hydrology domain,
  2. a common language for documenting datasets,
  3. a standard conceptual model for data and software,
  4. a means to unify hydrologic feature identities across data products.